Ways to celebrate Chakma Biju Festival 2022| Chakma Bizu Festival 2022

Hello guys, today on this page I am going to tell you about Chakma Biju Festival 2022, and how the Chakma Biju Festival is celebrated. Besides, I provide some Chakma Biju songs videos and some Chakma traditional gameplay videos below. If you also want to know about the same, then read this blog post till the end.

Chakma Biju Festival 2022

If you are a Chakma then you know what the Biju festival is. But if you are not a Chakma, or don’t know what the Biju festival is. Then let me tell you about the Chakma Bizu.

What is Chakma Biju Festival 2022?

Chakma Biju Festival is a three days festival of Chakma. It is the most popular or enjoyable festival of Chakma people. Chakma Biju is celebrated by the Chakma people all over the world where Chakmas live.

There are many other festivals of Chakma but Biju (Bizu) is the main festival celebrated from 13rd to 15th April every year. In the Bizu festival, Chakma people bade goodbye to the old year on 13th and 14 April, and welcome the New Year on 15th April.

Chakma people have their own calendar which you can check from the below table. For Chakmas 13th April and 14th April are the last two days of the year. And 15th April is New Year’s Day. There are 12 months in Chakma’s calendar as the English calendar.

Who are Chakma people?

Chakma is a tribe residing mostly in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, in the State of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Tripura in India and also in the Arakan Hills of Myanmar(Burma). The Chakma people also live in many other parts of the state of the foreign countries.

The Headquarters of the Chakma is Kamalanagar, a town of Chakma Autonomous District Council, Mizoram, India. Their religion is Buddhism and they have their own culture, custom, tradition, language or scripts etc.

Name of The Chakma Biju Festival 2022

As I said above, the Chakma Bizu Festival is a three days festival of Chakmas. It is started on 13th April and end on 15th April every year. And in some parts of the Villages or States, it starts on 12th April and ends on 14th April. But mostly, Biju is celebrated from 13th to 15th April. On the day of 13th April, it is Phul Biju; on 14th April, it is Mhul Biju; and on 15th April, it is Gossye Possye Biju.

Chakma Biju Festival 2022

Phul Biju13th April
Mhul Biju14th April
Gossye Possye Biju15th April
Chakma Biju Festival 2022

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Name of the Month of the Chakma Calendar

The Chakma people call month as Machh. If you also want to know about the name of the months of the Chakma calendar, then here I provide you with the same in the below table. All the Chakma months start on the 15th or 16th of the Month of the English calendar and also end on the same day.

Month of the Chakma Calendar

Month in ChakmaBetween
Boijyek MachhApril to May
Jet MachhMay to June
Azar MachhJune to July
Saon MachhJuly to August
Bhadhaw MachhAugust to September
Ajin MachhSeptember to October
Kadi MachhOctober to November
Aghun MachhNovember to December
Puch MachhDecember to January
Magh MachhJanuary to February
Fagon MachhFebruary to March
Chot MachhMarch to April

How Chakma Biju Festival is celebrated?

Now I how to tell you how the Chakma people celebrate the Chakma Biju festival on a particular day. As I said it is a three days festival of Chakmas. The names of the particular Biju festivals are:

  • Phul Biju
  • Mhul Biju
  • Gossye Possye Biju

How do People celebrate Chakma Biju festival week?

As I said Bizu is started from 13th April to 15th April. But in some villages, the Biju festival is celebrated before a week by arranging some traditional games & sports. There is a Bizu Celebration Committee in every village, who arrange some Games & Sports for the villagers. All the villagers participate in the games.

There are a lots of traditional games of Chakma. They play those traditional games in the festival week. People enjoy the whole Bizu festival week by playing games until the Bizu days started. There are prizes for the winning teams.

How do Chakmas celebrate Phul Biju?

Phul Biju is the first Biju festival day of the Chakma community. It is celebrated every year on 13th April. In Phul Biju, the word ‘Phul‘ means flowers. So on the morning of Phul Biju day, Chakma people pluck and collect different colours of flowers and drop those flowers in water. They do so to worship the Ganga, the goddess of water.

Phul Biju

Besides, Chakma people bake Pidye (local biscuits) in every house on Phul Biju day. They bake the pidyes to feed other people, friends or guests during these festival days.

And also Chakma people prepare Pajon ton for the guest during this festival days. Pajon ton is a curry made with mixture of different vegetables. Pajon ton is very tasty and delicious traditional curry during the Biju festival.

People also collect different kinds of drinks like Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Sprite, Mazza etc. for their guests. People with groups use to go from one house to another house without receiving an invitation. They go to other houses as a Biju guest to enjoy the Biju festival. The house owner offers them the food or the drink he collects or prepares for the Biju guests. And earlier Chakma people burn or burst firecrackers(Pataki) to enjoy the Biju. Now burning of firecrackers become less.

In the evening time, people use to go to the temple, to worship the Buddha (God) by lighting candles and offering Him flowers. Besides, they light the candle in the river, to worship the Ganga, they also light candles in their own house to pray to God for a peaceful future.

Pidye (Chakma Biscuits)

How Mhul Biju is celebrated?

In Mhul Biju, the word ‘Mhul‘ means Main or Middle. Mhul Biju is the second day or main Biju day of the chakma Bizu festival. It is celebrated on 14th April. Mhul Biju is the last day of the year. Chakma people enjoy the last day of the year and welcome the New Year in next day. It is as same as 31st December in the English calendar.

In the morning of Mhul Biju, people go from house to house to feed other hens or cocks as a sign of pithiness.

And people also distribute Pidye(local biscuits) to the senior(old) men or women as a sign of respect.

Some people enjoy the festival to visit the house to house. They drink Rasgulla, Pidye and all. Some people also drink wine or beer and enjoy the festival with full of excitement.They do so in all 3 Biju days.

In the evening time, some Chakma people go to the Buddhist temple to pray for a bright future.

Chakma biju festival

How to celebrate Gossye Possye Biju?

Gossye Possye Biju is the last day of the Biju festival. It is celebrated on 15th April. It is Chakma New Year’s day as same as 1st January.

In Gossye Possye day, early in the morning every family collect or take a bottle of unused drinking water, a bag of salt and carry those to a holy man (sadhu) for reciting mantras, and drinking those as a full year talisman.

And on noonday, some young boys & girls bathe the old men and women and take blessing from them for a bright future.

In some villages, people arrange a Buddha Puja in the Buddhist temple to pray the Buddha(God). It is the Chakma New Year’s Day. So people pray to God for a peaceful life in future.

Chakma Traditional Games Played during the Biju Festival

There are a lot of games played during the Biju festival, including some International games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, etc. But most of the games that Chakma people play during this festival are traditional games. The name of the Chakma Traditional games are listed in the below table;

Chakma Traditional Games

Greeley Khara
Phor Khara
Nhadhyeng Khara
Potti Khara
Sotti Khara (Nuo Bhat Khara)
Nukkruk Khara
Biong Khara
Aht Khara
Mara-Machchye Khara
Gudu Khara

Chakma Traditional game Video

If you want to know how Chakma people play their traditional games, then here I provide some videos so that I can make you understand clearly.

Gheelye Khara
Hattol Khara
Potti Khara
Poroi Khara

Some Famous Chakma Traditional Songs & Others Names

Radha Mohn-Dhanpudhi Pala (Gheelye Para song)Famous Folk-Song
Biju (Bizu)Famous Festival
Ubho-Geet & Thengabhanga GeetLove Song & Duet Song
OleeCradle Song
Bizu NachFolk Dance
TanyebiFamous Folk-Tale
Shivcharana PalaLongest Folk-Tale
Radha Mohn-DhanpudhiFamous Legendary Couple

Traditional Chakma Bizu Music Video

Here are some Chakma traditional Bizu songs provided below. If you want to watch you can click on them.

Bizu Hebattei (Chakma Bizu song)
Rayon naw Pinon (Chakma Bizu Song)
Bizu reh Bizu (Chakma Bizu Song)
Echhey aamar Bizu Din (Chakma Biju Song)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What is Chakma Biju Festival 2022?

Ans: Chakma Biju(Bizu) Festival is the main or most popular traditional festival of Chakma tribe.

2. When do Chakma Biju celebrate ?

Ans: Chakma Biju begins on 13th April and ends on 15th April every year. It is a three days festival celebrated on these three days continuously.

3. What are the name of the Chakma Bizu days?

And: on 13th April, it is Phul Bizu; on 14th April, it is Mhul Bizu; and on 15th April, it is Gossye Possye Bizu.


Now I hope that you enjoy going through this blog post. I also assume that now you come to know what the Chakma Biju festival 2022 is, or how Chakma people enjoy or celebrate the Chakma Biju Festival. If you like this blog post then please comment below and also share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read about Chakma Biju Festival 2022.

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