Shillong Teer Previous Result List 2022 | Shillong Teer Previous Number (old chart)

Shillong Teer Previous Result: if you are searching for Shillong Teer Previous (Old) Result list then here it is. Check out the below table and get the Shillong Teer Result list. Here we have uploaded or updated the shillong Teer old result list for you.

Shillong Teer Previous Result List | Shillong Teer Old Result List

Shillong Teer Previous Results are those results which had already come out or gone. Shillong Teer Previous result can also be called Shillong Teer old result as it becomes old. People are searching for these old results lists because sometimes it helps the Shillong Teer game players to calculate the right Shillong Teer result by analysing from the Shilling Teer Previous Result list. So if you also are searching for the same Shillong Teer Previous Result list then check out the below table.

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Shillong Teer Previous (old) Results List

The Month of September 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
26th September 20223445
25th September 2022SundaySunday
24th September 20228869
23rd September 20220255
22nd September 20224977
21st September 20227069
20th September 20227581
19th September 20226004
18th September 2022SundaySunday
17th September 20222865
16th September 20222808
15th September 20228094
14th September 20222363
13th September 20227920
12th September 20228600
11th September 2022SundaySunday
10th September 20225494
9th September 20222274
8th September 20228695
7th September 20223085
6th September 20229667
5th September 20222748
4th September 2022SundaySunday
3rd September 20220074
2nd September 20228799
1st September 20220040

The Month of August 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
31st August 20228865
30th August 20229390
29th August 20225287
28th August 2022SundaySunday
27th August 20227071
26th August 20220682
25th August 20227318
24th August 20221866
23rd August 20221331
22nd August 20224694
21st August 2022SundaySunday
20th August 20221757
19th August 20228617
18th August 20229605
17th August 20227051
16th August 20224229
15th August 2022OFFOFF
14th August 2022SundaySunday
13th August 20223345
12th August 20220610
11th August 20222626
10th August 20223929
9th August 20220867
8th August 20228153
7th August 2022SundaySunday
6th August 20226672
5th August 20222309
4th August 20227647
3rd August 20228497
2nd August 20222469
1st August 20227483

The month of July 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
31st July 2022SundaySunday
30th July 20225205
29th July 20228138
28th July 20222307
27th July 20224951
26th July 20220136
25th July 20220566
24th July 2022SundaySunday
23rd July 20220458
22nd July 20223051
21st July 20220345
20th July 20224316
19th July 20224972
18th July 20227748
17th July 2022SundaySunday
16th July 20220842
15th July 20223338
14th July 2022OFFOFF
13th July 20228149
12th July 20226720
11th July 20222802
10th July 2022SundaySunday
9th July 20220808
8th July 20228193
7th July 20220161
6th July 20229013
5th July 20222993
4th July 20220071
3rd July 2022SundaySunday
2nd July 20221953
1st July 20227270

The month of June 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
30th June 20225103
29th June 20221191
28th June 20227889
27th June 20227302
26th June 2022SundaySunday
25th June 20229899
24th June 20227900
23rd June 20220556
22nd June 20227533
21st June 20223098
20th June 20227203
19th June 2022SundaySunday
18th June 20224535
17th June 20227282
16th June 20221171
15th June 20227232
14th June 20225734
13th June 20224736
12th June 2022SundaySunday
11th June 20229720
10th June 20221257
9th June 20221370
8th June 20221393
7th June 20220622
6th June 20221611
5th June 2022SundaySunday
4th June 20224645
3rd June 20223766
2nd June 20222841
1st June 20228353

The month of May, 2022

DatesFirst Round (FR)Second Round (SR)
31st May 20225102
30th May 20229828
29th May 2022SundaySunday
28th May 20220169
27th May 20225773
26th May 20229494
25th May 20228408
24th May 20228078
23rd May 20227838
22nd May 2022SundaySunday
21st May 20221145
20th May 20228963
19th May 20221459
18th May 20227292
17th May 20229894
16th May 20229576
15th May 2022SundaySunday
14th May 20227084
13th May 20223302
12th May 20229689
11th May 20224474
10th May 20229261
9th May 20225377
8th May 2022SundaySunday
7th May 20223299
6th May 20221797
5th May 20223074
4th May 20229617
3rd May 20224784
2nd May 20226832
1st May 2022SundaySunday

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The month of April 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
30th April 20226778
29th April 20223109
28th April 20227457
27th April 20224265
26th April 20223143
25th April 20229167
24th April 2022SundaySunday
23th April 20229673
22nd April 20227304
21st April 20225572
20th April 20220874
19th April 20224213
18th April 20226161
17th April 2022SundaySunday
16th April 20225703
15th April 2022OFFOFF
14th April 20225476
13th April 20225075
12th April 20229171
11th April 2022OFFOFF
10th April 2022SundaySunday
9th April 20224141
8th April 20222585
7th April 20228100
6th April 20227463
5th April 20224223
4th April 20223297
3rd April 2022SundaySunday
2nd April 20221649
1st April 20229276
Shillong teer previous result list

The month of March 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
31st March 20222503
30th March 20221149
29th March 20220269
28th March 20229154
27th March 2022SundaySunday
26th March 20224592
25th March 20229639
24th March 20224943
23th March 20224117
22nd March 20228310
21st March 20223981
20th March 2022SundaySunday
19th March 20223490
18th March 20228514
17th March 20229375
16th March 20222140
15th March 20229014
14th March 20228092
13th March 2022SundaySunday
12th March 20221614
11st March 20228760
10th March 20226232
9th March 20221912
8th March 20224631
7th March 20225094
6th March 2022SundaySunday
5th March 2022OFFOFF
4th March 2022OFFOFF
3rd March 20222347
2rd March 20220197
1st March 20223896

The month of February 2022

DatesFirst Round(FR)Second Round(SR)
28th February 20220614
27th February 2022SundaySunday
26th February 20222465
25th February 20221832
24th February 20225139
23rd February 20224552
22nd February 20225536
21st February 20227006
20th February 2022SundaySunday
19th February 20224871
18th February 20227331
17th February 20221846
16th February 20224917
15th February 20222732
14th February 20224868
13th February 2022SundaySunday
12th February 20225475
11th February 20229831
10th February 20228352
9th February 20229855
8th February 20225343
7th February 20223157
6th February 2022SundaySunday
5th February 20220152
4th February 20221326
3rd February 20220350
2nd February 20221576
1st February 20225895

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Shillong Teer?

Answer: Shillong Teer is an archery-based lottery game played in Meghalaya.

2. What is Shillong Teer Previous Result?

Answer: Shillong Teer Previous Result is the Shillong teer old results list which are already gone. It is available on this page in the above tables.

3. Is Shillong Teer Previous Result helpful for the Shillong Teer players?

Answer: Yes, Shillong Teer Previous Result is helpful for the Shillong Teer players

4. How Shillong Teer previous result list helpful to the Shillong Teer players?

Answer: Sometimes, players can calculate the right Shillong Teer result number with the help of this old chart.

5. How to check Shillong Teer previous result list?

Answer: There are many sites to check the Shillong Teer previous Result list. One of them is our site


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