Valentine’s Day 2022: This time on Valentine’s Day, not ‘I Love You’, express love in different languages

How To Say I Love You In Different Languages: You can express your love in different languages ​​by not just saying I love you on Valentine’s Day. You can say heart to your life partner in French, Spanish or Romanian.

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How To Say I Love You In Different Languages

Love can happen to anyone at any time. Whether to express love or to strengthen the relationship, it is very important to express your feeling. Be it in any language, but it is very important to express love.

Many people believe that love is beyond language and boundaries. If your partner is not from your country but there is a lot of love between both of you, then this time on Valentine’s Day, by not just saying I love you, you can also express your love in different languages. Reveal to. Today we are telling you what I love you is called in different languages.

Happy Valentine's Day

If you are going to send a greeting to a special person or write a special post for him on social media or are going to propose him, then this time try saying I love you in a different language. Come, know in which country what is called instead of I Love You.

Valentine’s day 2022- Express love like this in different languages

You must have heard this song- ‘In English it says I love you, in Gujarati ma bole tane prem karu chu, in Bengali it says aami tomake bhalo bashi’ This is the Indian way of expressing love. Now know how heart is spoken in other countries.


People in France call Je t’aime in French to express love.


I love you te quiero in Spanish


To express love in German, it is called Ich liebe dich.


If you want to say I love you to your partner in Croatian language, then you can say Volim te.


In Italy, people say Ti amo to express their heart. Romania
Te iubesc means ‘I love you’ in Romanian.

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