Chakma Biju Festival 2022

Do you know what the Chakma Biju Festival is?

Chakma Biju Festival

Do you know how Chakma people celebrate Biju Festival?

If you don't know what the Chakma Biju Festival is, or if you want to know how to celebrate Chakma Biju Festival, then watch till end.

Chakma Biju is a three days festival celebrated by the Chakma people.

Chakma Biju (Bizu) is the main festival of the Chakma Tribe.

It begins on 13th April and ends on 15th April every year.

Chakma Bizu festival is celebrated all over the world where Chakma people live.

On 13th April: Phul Bizu

On 14th April: Mhul Bizu

On 15th April: Gossye Possye Bizu

Chakma people enjoy these three days festivals with very excitement.

Chakma people enjoy Biju Festival with their Traditional Biju Dance.

To watch the Chakma Bizu Traditional Dance and videos, click below.