Valentine Day 2022: Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated only on 14th February, know the story related to whose sacrifice

If you want to know, Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? then read this blog post. We will clear all your doubt..

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated only on 14th February:-Valentine Day is considered as the day of love. Valentines is celebrated in most countries. On this day the couple expresses their love to each other. There are many love stories about Valentine’s but do you know why February 14 was chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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How valentines day started?

According to the book ‘Aurea of ​​Jacobus de Vorazin‘, Saint Valentine was a priest of Rome. He believed in promoting love in the world. For him life was in love. But a king of this city, Claudius, did not like this thing of his. The king felt that love and marriage destroy both the intelligence and power of men. For this reason, soldiers and officers could not marry in his kingdom.

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated

However, Saint Valentine opposed this order of King Claudius and inspired the Romans to love and marry. Not only this, he also arranged the marriages of many officers and soldiers. This angered the king and he hanged Saint Valentine on 14 February 269. Since that day every year this day is celebrated as the ‘Day of Love’.

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Saint Valentine is said to have donated his eyes to Jacobus, the jailer’s blind daughter, at the time of his death. Saint also wrote a letter to Jacobus, at the end of which he wrote ‘Your Valentine’. This was the story of Valentine who was sacrificed for love.

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